What do you get in a site from me?

Content is Legible, designed and formatted for reading on the web.

The layout adheres to classic graphic design principles: proportion, balance, rhythm, emphasis, variety, contrast and uniformity.

Pages Print clearly.


Content management allows you to easily control the text and media on your site.

The interface is highly Usable. Making your site ‘pop’ is secondary to making it work.

Pages display properly on Mobile devices.

The site is compatible with older browsers and computers, and will work with future technology.

The markup is standards-compliant. it uses valid HTML5 and valid CSS3.

The code is clean, well-commented and extensible, so the site can evolve over time, without ever having to start over from scratch.

Rigorous testing and debugging ensures that we can launch on time, on budget, with no surprises.


Over 12 years of experience

I have worked in web design and development since 1999, from the original Dot Com boom through to the current day. I have experienced the industry’s successes and failures, and this has given me a perspective on extensibility and forward compatibility.

I undestand backward compatibility because I learned those technologies when they were relevant. I understand the difference between timeless design standards and easily dated fads. This means your project will have staying power.

I have worked for a range of clients from small local businesses to United Airlines, Sears, Motorola, Verizon, Home Depot, Searle, Marriott, and several other Fortune 500 companies.

I have contracted with very successful web companies like Orbitz, Expedia and others. I have worked at successful design and marketing firms like DDB, Razorfish and Ideo.


A full-service professional

No matter what you’re trying to accomplish, chances are I can make that a reality. Just look at a list of services I can provide:

  • Web design and development
  • Illustration, by hand or computer, including technical illustration
  • Logo Design and branding in general
  • Custom icons and user interface design
  • Video directing, production and editing, including streaming video
  • Management of your site including content management, hosting, domain name registration and renewal
  • Font design and typography
  • Print design and collateral
  • Security for your site from hacking and spam
  • Information graphics including maps, charts and diagrams
  • Audio production: recording, editing and post- production, for podcasts and the web
  • Photography and photo retouching
  • eMail campaigns and HTML email design
  • Interactive media on CD, DVD, USB stick and other removable media
  • Online Marketing including search engine optimization, analytics, advertising and social media integration
  • Copywriting, editing, proofreading, slogans and naming
  • Consulting on proposed, developing or existing projects


Technical Expertise

  • Javascript, including jQuery, jQuery UI and all the other major JS libraries
  • AJAX; JSON, web applications
  • HTML 5, including Microformats like Schema.org
  • WordPress and Drupal, with proficiency using DNN, Joomla, CMSMS and other content management systems
  • PHP, with experience in ASP.net and other server-side scripting languages
  • MySql and other SQL administration
  • Mobile web development
  • XML, RSS, RDF and an understanding of semantic markup in general
  • Server Administration, especially Linux/Apache, with some IIS and Nginx experience. I manage my own server and host most of my clients.
  • Adobe creative suite: Flash (including ActionScript), Acrobat, Premiere, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Fireworks and alternative software (Gimp, Inkscape and others)

Now that you know what I can do, you can View my work or contact me to get a quote.