My portfolio consists of three sections: Web (directly below), Logos, and Other work like icons and illustrations.






El Gallo Bravo No. 5

Davidson Schiller
Top (Ashland page)

Midwest Business

Those are a few of my newer projects. You can also if you'd like.

USLEAP (home page)

Save Cook County

Long and Silverman (about page)

The Design Can (contact page)

Chicago DJ Summit (news page)

Jellifish (order page)



Wyvern, LLC is a holding company for, Associated Cities and other companies. was a website centered around event planning in the city of Chicago.

JMJ Holdings is a real estate financial security firm.

McClean County Diversity Project

The McLean County Diversity Project teaches kids in rural Illinois about issues surrounding diversity, tolerance and acceptance.

Organization of the Northeast

Organization of the Northeast advocates for mental health justice, affordable housing, reformation of the juvenile justice system and and an end to violence in Chicago’s Uptown, Edgewater and Rogers Park neighborhoods.

Alexis Fenton

Alexis Fenton is Formula 1 racer, one of the few female drivers in the sport.

Associated Cities

Associated Cities is a network of city .com companies, like,, and many others.

Chicago DJ Summit was a forum for DJs and club and party promoters. The logo is designed to read clearly on a variety of merchandise.

System Exclusive

System Exclusive was a promotion company for DJs and musical acts.

Fly Design logo

Fly Design is a graphic design company that specializes in promotional merchandise.


Other work

I designed this demo for an early cloud computing platform. I’ve removed the pauses, logos and text in order to showcase the animation. is a portal for booking hotels and buying tickets to Chicago events. I drew this skyline pixel-by-pixel to use in the site’s header.

Motorola pixel icons

I helped design and procure these small pixel icons for Motorola to use on their Silvr line of mobile phones.

Motorola icons

Motorola wanted to appeal to both Asian and North American markets with the release of their Silvr mobile phone. They asked me to design a series of scale-able, custom icons for users to personalize their phones. I submitted Hawaiian orchids, sneakers, a space shuttle, and a teddy bear and the Maneki Neko, or lucky cat.

How To Stock The Fridge

This is a diagram for Stone Soup Cooperative on how to stock the refrigerator.

Bosch icons

Bosch wanted a series of icons for their testing system. Because it ran on a Windows NT platform, they needed icons that were backwards-compatible.


Softwear was a fashion show at Buddy, an art space managed by Lumpen magazine.

Loon Brothers illustration

Loon Brothers is a travel company that organizes trips for fly fishers.